Seed (2022-today)

Sci-fi MMORPG of society simulation. Currently, in alpha test, register on the Seed website. Created at Klang Games.

Role in the projects: Gameplay engineer. Client, server, and UI gameplay development using C# in Unity, architecture, unit testing, code review, and documentation.

Unannounced projects (2021-2022)

Created at Lightbulb Crew.

Role in the projects: Lead Programmer. Definition of the programming process and guidelines, unit testing training, planning, team management, architecture, code review, and gameplay programming in Unity C#.

Roots of Tomorrow (2020-2021)

Agricultural simulation video game (Windows). Play on Steam.

Created at Gamabilis. More.

Role in the project: Main Programmer. Gameplay programming in Unity C# (farming system, financial system, inventory, strategic choices, change of season, etc.), architecture, unit testing, code review, interns support, 3D graphic and UI integration

Tevi (2018-2019)

Mobile video game for nature awareness. Play on Google Play Store (Android and IOs)

Created at the MetaMakers Institute (Falmouth University) in partnership with The Eden Project. Présentations à EGX Rezzed (Londres) and Amaze (Berlin) in 2019.

Roles in the projects: Game direction, gameplay programming (Unity C#, PHP, MySQL, JSON), Unity integration, game design. Code source. Trailer. More.

OFabulis (2014-2017)

Multiplayer adventure game mixing 3D characters and pictures. (Windows and Android)

Created with the Centre des Monuments Nationaux and Emissive. Promoting 19 historical monuments (Mont-Saint-Michel abbey, Panthéon, Azay-le-Rideau castle…). Commented gameplay video. More information.

Roles in the project: Game direction, Unity integration (C#), game design, art direction, 3D art (Maya), 2D art (Photoshop) and movie making.

Les Mystères de la Basilique (2012)

Alternate reality game for the promotion of the city of Saint-Denis (France). Media : website, Android app, real actors, concerts, video installation.

Roles in the project: Co-lead, game design, 2D and 3D art, web programming. (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS). Making-of video. More.

Delta Lyrae 6 (2011)

Online multiplayer game created to study MMORPG creation process (Windows).

Roles in the project: programming (Unity javascript with multiplayer), server and database (PHP MySQL), 3D and 2D art, game design (created alone). More.

Game jams

The games presented below have been created in less than 7 days during workshops or game jams.

Vestigia-Songe (2017)

Experimental video game about discovering of the natural and cultural heritage of Port-Royal-des-Champs (Historical monument, museum and landscape). Download on itch.io (Windows)

Roles in the project: game direction, programming (Unity C#), game design, 2D and 3D art. More.

Hamama (2017)

Adventure game about refugees. Game jam « Mind<Re>Set », Seoul National University, South Korea: « migration, migrants and identity ». Invited by the Goethe Institut and by the French Institute in Seoul. Play in browser or download on itch.io (Windows).

Roles in the project: Programming and integration (Unity javascript), 2D art, waterpainting.

To The Sky (2016)

Biographical game inspired by the profesionnal and personnal life of Catherine Cesarsky. Created at the « Diversity Game Jam » at the Mozilla Foundation, Paris. Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac).

Role in the project: Programming (Unity javascript)

Happy Gods (2015)

Video game to discover Roman Gods related to the archeological museum of York (UK). Created during « The Heritage Jam ». 1st prize. Play in browser.

Roles in the project: Programming (Unity javascript), 2D art and game design.